Just Let Go
84 NOTES WHERE'S THE SEX STORY wow this sounds creepy but ur life is just so magical as you post it to be on social media like i don't pay attention to most bloggers but ur so fun IDK OK SORRY FOR THIS bye


omg you’re so cute ah my life is magical, i can just feel the vibes with people ya know. alright so here’s a F.Y.I before you read this please understand i have never ever done anything like this before so this story is gonna be a lil wild and new but i am feeling it so hard. so last night i went over to his house and we missed each other so so much so obviously we were all over each other but i remember we were kissing so slow and we have this thing where we just pause and stare into each others eyes and it’s just a moment of pure passion and love and then we begin to kiss more rapidly and his hand is on my throat and his other hand is pulling my hair from side to side and we just rub all over in patterns but ugh he will pull my hair so hard and my head will be arched up towards the ceiling and he’ll slide his hands in my pants and oh my god dude i never get this wet but with him it’s like a fucking puddle and everytime he looks at me and there’s this look in his eyes while he’s like finger banging me and the whole thing is so beautiful. then i lightly rub my fingers up and down his dick and he get’s on me and like stares at my tits and puts both of his hands on my tits so hard and rough and then chokes me and bites my neck. these words will never compare to how the actual moment is but i’m trying. okay so my pants come off and his do too and then he gently slides into me and every single fucking time both of our eyes just like roll like in that moment we are just in heaven ugh and it’s so wet and slippery and i can just hear him going inside and outside of me. he gets such a good fucking grip on my hips and pushes all of himself into me. i begged him to slap me and just choke me, fuck i know it’s kinda weird to talk about or hear but i’ve never wanted someone to hurt me in such a good way. so he’d slap me in the face and choked me and i’d fucking love it. i would begin to moan so high pitched and loud because i couldn’t keeep it in and then he would shove his hand over my mouth and nose and half the time i cant even breathe but he like rubs my clit and fucks me and i just cum so hard oh my god. so afterwards i get on him and slide his dick up and down my pussy, not even in me, and he goes so insane and wild and i love watching him go crazy..so i get off of him and suck his dick and get it so sloppy and and just rub it so hard and i feel him and his breathing getting faster so i go faster and he cums everywhere and it’s just so fucking hot and passion filled and wow i can’t believe i just shared this with so many people but this isn’t even sex it’s honestly a beautiful energy exchanging experience i don’t know i just am in love with it and beginning to love him.   

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I don’t understand why sex is more shocking than violence.
— Lea Seydoux talking about American films. - tvshows-who-knows (via perfect)